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FNV LogoPrepare Your Taste Buds Because the Fruit and Veggie Marketing Machine has Officially Arrived.

When it comes to big, sexy marketing campaigns, fruits and veggies aren’t normally top of mind. But a new brand is changing that. FNV was launched by PHA and a collaboration of companies, celebrities, athletes and organizations that realize to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, we have got to sell them the same way major brands sell their products. Taking a page out of the marketing playbook of iconic brands, FNV is using edgy creative, social media and more than 50 celebrity endorsers to create an emotional connection between consumers and fruits and vegetables.

In its first year, the campaign is focusing on reaching teens and parents and increasing sales and consumption of fruits and vegetables in its two lead markets – Hampton Roads, VA and Fresno, CA. Consumers in these markets are seeing FNV sponsor sports teams and local events; billboards, newspaper ads and supermarket aisles that feature celebrities like Jessica Alba and Colin Kaepernick hawking beets and pineapple; and airwaves flooded with FNV TV and radio spots.

Nationally, FNV’s social media campaign asks teens which celebrities they’d want to sell them FNVs; clever regular series; and characters ranging from Wolverbean to Eyebrows on Leek.

So brace yourself, America. FNV has arrived and it’s not going anywhere. And we want you to join us – Follow us on Insagram (@TeamFNV), like us on Facebook (/TeamFNV), check out our Tumblr ( or sign our very own FNV endorsement deal on our website (