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Plenary Sessions

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We are no longer accepting proposals for 2017 Breakout sessions. The application process closed on September 1.

See below to find out more about 2016 Plenary and Breakout sessions.

Reducing Calories in Sugar Sweetened Beverages: Next Steps
Perhaps no other industry is more discussed within our own space than beverages. Simultaneously, few industries are more deeply engaged in fundamental transformation than the soda industry. A panel bringing together Alliance for a Healthier Generation, The American Beverage Association and the Executive Vice President of The Coca-Cola Company and President of Coca-Cola North America, Sandy Douglas, will explore the status of the industry and what to expect in the future.

J. Alexander M. Douglas, Jr., Executive Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company and President, Coca-Cola North America
Susan K. Neely, CAE, President and CEO, American Beverage Association
Howell Wechsler, EdD, MPH, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Watch the Game, Play the Game: From Fans to Fitness
Cheering along with the team or the show is one thing, but how do we move fans from sitting and watching to moving and doing? Our panel of a personal trainer and TV fitness star joins an NFL Pro-Bowler to chat with an Olympic Champion and TV host to discuss how what the stars do on the screen can inspire what happens in the community.


Victor Cruz, New York Giants
Bob Harper, Fitness Trainer and TV Fitness Star
Summer Sanders, Olympic Champion and TV Host

Investing in the Community for Health and Wellness
One of today’s most impactful investments is in the health & wellness of local communities – where we all live, work and play. Private sector organizations are collaborating with communities to promote healthier and more active lifestyles, by funding and supporting more green and active spaces for safe play and exercise, greater access for healthier nutrition options, and innovative plans to encourage better health. Leading investors in this concept share best practices, challenges and motivations for working with communities in need.


Dr. Olajide Williams, Chief of Staff and Chief Medical Officer, Department of Neurology, Columbia University
Melanie Dreher, PhD, RN, Board Chair, Trinity Health
Dr. Garth Graham, MD, MPH, FACP, FACC, President, Aetna Foundation
Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, Chief Executive Officer, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA

The FNV Campaign
Taking a page from the marketing playbook of the major brands, learn how the FNV campaign is bringing fruits and veggies into the spotlight to change the advertising landscape for good…with a little help from our friends.


Cathy Burns, President, The Produce Marketing Association
Alvaro Luque, President, Avocados From Mexico
Todd Putman, General Manager, Garden Fresh Business Unit
David Schwab, Senior Vice President, Octagon

One-on-One with Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson has been focused on the global distribution of health for generations. From medicines to baby shampoo, J&J is ubiquitous with healthy choices – and driving us toward them. The President of J&J’s Health and Wellness Solutions will discuss how behavior science and technology combine with decades of experience to make the healthy choice the easy choice for billions of consumers.

One-on-One with Walmart
Walmart–the nation’s largest grocer–will sit down with the Editor in Chief of Good Housekeeping–the owner of the nation’s most identifiable seal of approval–to talk about the company’s 2011 commitment to make healthier food more affordable and accessible to consumers, and Walmart’s work to help families make better choices through its “Great for You” initiative.

CEO Spotlight: The Dannon Company
The Dannon Company President and CEO Mariano Lozano will sit down for a one-on-one discussion about Dannon’s ongoing PHA commitment to evolve its portfolio, and its initial ideas for moving beyond this current commitment to the next phase of making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Achieving Health Equity: What Role Does Anti-Racism Play?
Dr. Camara Jones, President of the American Public Health Association, explains how addressing racism is key to achieving health equity in the United States.

Living with Obesity
Hear from people living with obesity, as they share their personal experiences and explain how our nation’s rapidly growing understanding of obesity can empower all of us to be part of the solution.

Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA Principal & Founder, ConscienHealth
Kesha Calicutt, Panelist
Scott Kahan, MD, MPHA, Panelist
Patty Nece, Panelist

Future of the Movement
A conversation among the leadership of PHA’s funders, as they reflect upon progress to date, their vision for the future, and how we keep the momentum going to ensure the healthy choice is the easy choice for all.

David J. Bailey, MD, MBA, President and CEO, Nemours
Raymond J. Baxter, PhD, Senior Vice President, Community Benefit, Research and Health Policy, Kaiser Permanente
Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA, President & CEO, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Barbara Picower, President & Chair of the Board of Directors, The JPB Foundation
Marion Standish, Vice President, Enterprise Programs, The California Endowment

2016 Breakout Sessions

The 2016 Building a Healthier Future Summit will include the following sessions:
Click on breakout sessions below for additional information.
Thursday, May 19 – 2:15 p.m.
Forever Young? Start Young
Forever Young? Start Young (Click to Close)
Habits learned in early childhood can last a lifetime. So what can the private sector do to help parents encourage greater physical activity early in life? What are the opportunities, especially in low-income communities and communities of color? This session will explore the latest research around physical activity in early childhood and how that research is being translated into action to create healthier, lifelong habits for all children.

Debbie Chang, Senior Vice President, Policy & Prevention, Nemours
Pooja Sarin Tandon, MD, MPH, Pediatrician & Researcher, Seattle Children’s Research Institute Assistant Professor, University of Washington
Dr. Susan Canizares, Chief Academic Officer, Learning Care Group
Buen Abo, M.Ed, Center Director, Sunshine Early Learning Center
Growing the Grassroots: Scaling through Partnership
Growing the Grassroots: Scaling through Partnership (Click to Close)
There are so many local grassroots programs, but organizations often struggle with how to scale them nationally. This session will explore how grassroots programs can be taken to scale through partnerships with the private sector. Through two partnership examples, this session will dive into the critical elements to success.

Ladan Manteghi, Executive Director, Global Social Enterprise Initiative at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business
Christine Pollei, Chief Executive Officer, Marathon Kids
Caitlin Morris, Senior Director, North America Global Community Impact, Nike
Lisa Helfman, Founder and Board Chairs, Brighter Bites, Director of REal Estate, H-E-B
Rich Dachman, Vice President, Produce, Sysco Corporation
Your Friendly Neighborhood (Mobile) Grocer
Your Friendly Neighborhood (Mobile) Grocer (Click to Close)
In order to stay competitive, today’s grocery retailers are offering customers greater convenience in the form of online ordering, home delivery and drive-thru pick-up. At the same time, some companies have eliminated traditional brick-and-mortar models by delivering food directly to the consumer. Hear how this changing retail landscape reflects an important shift in retail, and how these players can build a sustainable mobile model that addresses health, affordability, convenience and access for all.

Phil Lempert, CEO Consumer Insights & Editor,
Ashley Tyrner, Founder & CEO, Farmbox Direct
Andrew Nodes, Business Development Lead, Instacart
Game On: Outdoor Play for All
Game On: Outdoor Play for All (Click to Close)
Gamified and competitive outdoor activities have exploded in popularity over the past several years, a positive trend given the benefits to physical and mental health of regular, outdoor physical activity. Being physically active while surrounded by nature is also a fun way for families to spend time together. Join us to hear about several novel initiatives that are getting kids and families from urban, rural and suburban communities outside and moving — together.

Sara N. Bleich, PhD, White House Fellow, USDA
Joe DiStefano, Director of Sport, Spartan Race
Jeremy Irish, President & Co-founder, Geocaching
Chris Fanning, Executive Director, Outdoor Foundation
Thursday, May 19 – 3:45 p.m.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Food Trends & Forecasts
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Food Trends & Forecasts (Click to Close)
What do industry experts see in their crystal balls? How do insiders identify which health trends will endure, which to follow and which to ignore? We’ll hear projections of what to expect in the years to come and explore the formation of food trends, especially those that support healthier options. Company insiders will share their personal experiences with food trends, and analysts will offer their perspective on worthy investments.

Angela Haupt, Senior Health Editor, US News & World Report
Kelly Weikel, Director, Consumer Insights, Technomic, Inc.
Evan Morgan, Partner, Revolution Grown
Philippe Caradec, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, The Dannon Company
Think Fast: Impulse Buying
Think Fast: Impulse Buying (Click to Close)
Impulse purchases comprise a major retail category. Shoppers spend $5.5 billion a year on candy, soda, and other items from supermarket checkouts alone. As retailers shift their business practices to support their customers’ health, how can they ensure merchandising at checkout aligns with wellness goals? This session will cover who makes impulse buys, what items sell and how to optimize impulse merchandising to support the wellbeing of businesses and customers alike.

Jessica Almy, Senior Nutrition Policy Counsel, Center for Science in the Public Interest
Erica Flint, Registered Dietician, Kwik Trip, Inc.
Lifecycle of a PHA Commitment
Lifecycle of a PHA Commitment (Click to Close)
PHA now has over 200 partners working with us to help make the healthy choice the easy choice. In this session, PHA partners will discuss the full ‘life cycle’ of a PHA commitment, from idea to implementation to completion and beyond.

Larry Soler, President & CEO, Partnership for a Healthier America
Dr. Randy Woodson, Chancellor, NC State University
Susan C. Brenner, EdD, Seniors Vice President, Education, Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Stephen Dunmore, CEO, Schools North America, Sodexo
Bridging the Gap: From Regulation to Real Life
Bridging the Gap: From Regulation to Real Life (Click to Close)
Throughout the Obama Administration, several regulatory and advisory changes have been implemented to help kids and families lead healthier lives. Join us for a deep dive into child nutrition and school wellness policies, the dietary guidelines, and updates to the nutrition facts label as we bridge the gap between what happens in DC and its impact on consumers and industry. We’ll explore how these complementary tools can yield the greatest impacts – particularly for communities disproportionately impacted by obesity.

Deb Eschmeyer, Executive Director, Let’s Move! and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy at the White House
Susan T. Mayne, Ph.D., Director, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Food and Drug Administration
Angie Tagtow, MS, RD, LD, Executive Director, USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
Dr. Katie Wilson, USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Food Nutrition and Consumer Services
Friday, May 20 – 9:00 a.m.
The Design of Our Daily Lives
The Design of Our Daily Lives (Click to Close)
Design is a simple concept, yet it is one that can greatly impact the health of all communities. We’ll explore how design concepts are conceived, what they look like in practice, and the impact they have. Join us for a discussion of how the design of our homes and communities can influence the way we live, eat and play.

Karen McNeil-Miller, President & CEO, Colorado Health Foundation
Andrew Rundle, Dr.P.H., Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Co-Director, Built Environment and Health Research Group, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
Stephen Ritz, Green Educator & Innovator and Founder, The Green Bronx Machine
Jeff Foster, Managing Principle, GGLO
Eating Out is Shaping Up: Healthier Kids Menus
Eating Out is Shaping Up: Healthier Kids Menus (Click to Close)
When families go out to eat, they’re often looking for convenience, or fun. But that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice healthy options. Find out how restaurants are learning to provide meals that are both good for kids and good for business, marketing their healthier options while staying on brand. This session will reveal how restaurants handle the challenges of growing pressure to label and improve kids’ menus and meet evolving consumer preferences.

Christina Economos, PhD, Associate Professor, Tufts University & Director, ChildObesity180
Sara Burnett, Director, Wellness & Food Policy, Panera
Ype Von Hengst, Executive Chef/VP Culinary Operations & Co-Founder, Silver Diner Development, Inc.
Heidi Glunz, Director, Public Affairs, McDonald’s Corporation
John Arcangelo, Marketing Manager, Subway
Executive Tell All: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities
Executive Tell All: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities (Click to Close)
Whether you’re a consumer or a business in today’s marketplace, when it comes to increasing healthier options in the marketplace it’s all about reducing sugar, calories and portion sizes. This session will feature industry executives from major confectionery companies who will share their perspective on the growing consumer interest in health and wellness. Learn how their companies are responding, the progress they have made and the challenges still ahead.

Hank Cardello, Senior Fellow & Director, Obesity Solutions Initiative, Hudson Institute
Christine Montenegro McGrath, Vice President, Global Well-being, Sustainability & Public & Government Affairs, Mondelēz International
Nici Bush, Global Vice President, Research and Development, Mars Chocolate
Communication Concepts: How Cultural and Ethnic Differences Impact Messaging
Communication Concepts: How Cultural and Ethnic Differences Impact Messaging (Click to Close)
Research shows obesity rates among racially diverse groups, including African Americans and Hispanics, are climbing and associated with negative health consequences. Public health professionals, marketers and others focused on promoting positive behavior change in communities of color must first understand the integral role that food plays in these cultures if they want to be effective. Engaging credible and respected community “voices” can be critical to building and sustaining trust, ensuring that people feel heard and that their challenges are understood when devising solutions. This session will discuss communications strategies for delivering health messages that are sensitive to cultural differences.

Janet Murguía, President & CEO, National Council of La Raza
Kierna Mayo, Editor-in-Chief, Ebony Magazine
Dr. Carlos Gutierrez, Vice President Healthcare Strategy & Insights, Univision.