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2016 Breakout Sessions

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The 2016 Building a Healthier Future Summit will include the following sessions:
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Think Fast: Impulse Buying
Think Fast: Impulse Buying (Click to Close)
Impulse purchases comprise a major retail category. Shoppers spend $5.5 billion a year on candy, soda, and other items from supermarket checkouts alone. As retailers shift their business practices to support their customers’ health, how can they ensure merchandising at checkout aligns with wellness goals? This session will cover who makes impulse buys, what items sell and how to optimize impulse merchandising to support the wellbeing of businesses and customers alike.
Your Friendly Neighborhood (Mobile) Grocer
Your Friendly Neighborhood (Mobile) Grocer (Click to Close)
In order to stay competitive, today’s grocery retailers are offering customers greater convenience in the form of online ordering, home delivery and drive-thru pick-up. At the same time, some companies have eliminated traditional brick-and-mortar models by delivering food directly to the consumer. Hear how this changing retail landscape reflects an important shift in retail, and how these players can build a sustainable mobile model that addresses health, affordability, convenience and access for all.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Food Trends & Forecasts
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Food Trends & Forecasts (Click to Close)
What do industry experts see in their crystal balls? How do insiders identify which health trends will endure, which to follow and which to ignore? We’ll hear projections of what to expect in the years to come and explore the formation of food trends, especially those that support healthier options. Company insiders will share their personal experiences with food trends, and analysts will offer their perspective on worthy investments.
Forever Young? Start Young
Forever Young? Start Young (Click to Close)
Habits learned in early childhood can last a lifetime. So what can the private sector do to help parents encourage greater physical activity early in life? What are the opportunities, especially in low-income communities and communities of color? This session will explore the latest research around physical activity in early childhood and how that research is being translated into action to create healthier, lifelong habits for all children.
Growing the Grassroots: Scaling through Partnership
Growing the Grassroots: Scaling through Partnership (Click to Close)
There are so many local grassroots programs, but organizations often struggle with how to scale them nationally. This session will explore how grassroots programs can be taken to scale through partnerships with the private sector. Through two partnership examples, this session will dive into the critical elements to success.
Lifecycle of a PHA Commitment
Lifecycle of a PHA Commitment (Click to Close)
PHA now has over 200 partners working with us to help make the healthy choice the easy choice. In this session, PHA partners who have completed their commitments will discuss the full ‘life cycle’ of a PHA commitment, from idea to implementation to completion and beyond.
The Design of Our Daily Lives
The Design of Our Daily Lives (Click to Close)
Design is a simple concept, yet it is one that can greatly impact the health of all communities. We’ll explore how design concepts are conceived, what they look like in practice, and the impact they have. Join us for a discussion of how the design of our homes and communities can influence the way we live, eat and play.